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Mold Remediation in Chicago, IL 

Did you know that mold can build up after just 72 hours of untreated water damage? This is why a quick response is so important. Once water damage restoration in Chicago or the North Shore is complete, Super Steam can run an air test to find out if there is any type of mold in your property. Your safety is our number one priority. 

Mold Remediation 

Super Steam has the proper tools and knowledge to detect whether your property has experienced mold damage. We recommend property owners contact the Super Steam crew within a 24 hour period after experiencing water damage to assure that all damages are accounted for before mold has the chance to form.


However, if the property owner notices mold growth despite taking all necessary precautions, our crew of trained professionals will work to remediate those damages until your property is mold-free. We will seal the area to ensure the mold does not contaminate other areas of your property. 

Our 6 step mold removal and remediation process: 

1. Identify the source 

Our goal is to find the source of the mold by using instruments such as thermal imaging to detect any moisture in your residential or commercial property. 

2. Mold removal

Super Steam removes all visible mold from affected surfaces using specialized equipment and techniques.

3. Air Filtration

Our advanced Air Filtration Devices (AFD's), with HEPA filters, will help remove any mold spores, dust, and debris that is airborne. 

4. Containment 

Wherever the mold is concentrated in your property, it is important to seal that specific area in order to prevent the spread of mold to other areas. 


5. Cleaning 

Once the mold has been removed and air filtration has taken place, our professionals will thoroughly clean all surfaces to ensure no mold spores remain.

6. Restoration

Lastly, Super Steam will repair and replace all contents that have been affected by mold returning your property to its pre-damage condition.

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