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Reconstruction in Chicago, IL 

Once mitigation is complete, our reconstruction team will go out and begin working on the proper repairs. Reconstruction will begin once our drying standard is met. Each project is assigned a project manager that will work with our repair technicians to get your property back to normal. All baseboards, drywall, flooring, or cabinets will be installed to pre-loss condition. 

Reconstruction Services 

Both water and fire damages can be disastrous for property owners and can require extreme measures in order to restore the property completely back to normal. Super Steam will make this process easy for property owners by providing them with the right equipment and expertise to assure owners that the situation is being handled in the correct fashion.


Once the remediation process is complete, the trained crew at Super Steam will go forth with the reconstruction process to make sure all damaged walls, cabinets, ceilings have been replaced and everything damaged has been carried out of the property and ready to be disposed of. Each project is designated a project manager that will update you on the scope of work as well as make sure there is proper communication between all technicians and sub-contractors. 


Our goal in the reconstruction process is to make sure that our customer is completely satisfied and comfortable with our reconstruction work. The entire Super Steam crew has been trained to work effectively and efficiently to restore the property back to its original and optimal position.

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