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Top 5 Causes For Water Damage in Chicago

If you live in Chicago you understand how unpredictable the weather is. However, rainfall is not the only source of a flooded property. Here are some of the most common causes of water damage in the windy city:

1. Flooding from heavy rainfall

When flash flooding occurs, it is easy for water to enter your home through cracks or holes. Also, it is also possible that your sump pump fails and the groundwater around your property begins to rise into your basement.

2. Sewage Backup

We know, it's pretty disgusting! But s**t happens, (no pun intended). Some causes for sewage backup are: clogs from using your toilet as a garbage disposal, tree roots that grow in your pipes, or collapsed sewer lines.

3. A bad roofing job

If your valleys are not sealed properly, missing a drip edge (which has the purpose of preventing flood damage), missing underlayment, or damaged shingles, the chances of having water damage in your home after a big rainfall rise.

4. Commercial or Residential Sprinkler Systems

If a fire occurs, it will trigger the sprinkler system in a building. Although the water damage is less severe than a fire hose, sprinkler systems release over 24 gallons of water per minute!

5. Appliances

Loose fittings and leaks under your washing machine cause cause water damage to your property. Make sure to assess the major appliances in your home for any damage. The sooner you get it treated the less damage you will have!

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